Should I Breed my Dog?

Dog Information – Responsible Breeding

To start with every dog owner needs to know that irresponsible breeding leads to over population, disease and is destructive to the canine family. Current dog information at the time of this writing states that more than three million animals are put down each year in the United States alone because they have no home.  Millions more are dying from abuse, starvation and overall neglect. In a world that is already over populated it is more important than ever to make informed decisions in regard to breeding your pets.

If you are thinking about making money breeding your dog, think again. Breeding canines correctly cost a lot of money and there are no responsible short cuts. Responsible breeders know that most dogs have defects like structure, health or personality and that these defects can only be eliminated by not breeding dogs with these problems.  All animals should be proven to be free from all these possible defects before you consider breeding.

This is the fundamental difference between a good dog breeder and a bad one. A good breeder sticks to one breed and belongs to that breeds social network and organizations. They are educated as to what defects affect the breed and work to eliminate those defects.  Good breeders usually have high vet bills because they use vets frequently to maintain healthy dogs. Because responsible dog breeders care so much for the breed they almost always take back problem dogs or dogs that their buyers cannot handle for whatever reason. Many even adopt homeless dogs because they understand the overwhelming problems with over population of the canine.

So the answer to the question “should I breed my dog” boils down to this.  Are you a responsible dog breeder?  Are you well educated in your dog breed?   Do you understand and practice the values we discussed in this article? Only you can answer these questions.

For the far majority of us dog lovers I would recommend adopting rather than producing more dogs. Take the time to learn about dog breeds and what canine is right for you. A little dog information will go a long way towards educating dog owners.  I recommend leaving the dog breeding to those that dedicate their lives to it.


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